A wedding is supposed to be vivid in all the ways you can imagine. This is due to the sheer importance of the event. There are many components that collectively contribute towards to make a simple wedding into a memorable one. The musical entertainment takes a very significant place in the list. Out of all the options, live music is going to suit the best. After all, you won’t want a set of factory-default songs to be on repeat on your special day. But how can you choose the best?Here are 4 factors to consider.

The theme of the wedding

It’s not a wonder how our auditory senses label certain tunes within a few seconds. We have our own versions of rock, country, folk and all sorts of music genres. Hence, you need to ensure that the nature of the tunes played by the band only compliments the theme of the wedding. If it a Harry Potter themed one, there should be the official soundtrack and many versions of it. Whilst that is only as example, the music must always overlap with the theme and the overall vibe of the ceremony.

Band or solo?

A typical Australian wedding ceremony tends to stretch a little more over few hours. Hence, it is very normal for a single person to be fatigued when he/she is trying keep up the same energy throughout the event, which is impractical. But instead, you can perfectly go for one of the musically enriched wedding bands. It will ensure that the aliveness of the event does not deplete as the event proceeds. That’s why going for groups of people is always better than the ones who go solo.

Things that are included and excluded in the package

Most of the wedding entertainment Byron Bay companies have their definitions on what they do. If it is a package, they’re very clear on factors like the duration, the number of members who will be participating, the type of the instruments used, and the chances for the prices to chance in case you can provide the instruments and this goes on. Hence, you need to address these issues comprehensively as the person who handles this matter. In doing so, you can always inquire about it from the company management and be guided on what should be done.

The playlist

The reason why you would hire someone to play for you is since you would need a more alive and personalized service. If you and your significant other happened to have a list of songs that mean a lot to you, you can always request for them. In fact, be sure to pick the major tracks to be played well beforehand.