Carnivals, ceremonies, functions and festivals all are some happy occasions in a society, some are embedded in cultures too such as: Deewali in India, Eid in Pakistan, Christmas in western countries etc. and these occasions and events are followed by so many other gatherings, celebrations and festivals. In order to make our lives easier we have labelled every or any function as ‘a party’ or just ‘function’. Irony is, that this practice has eliminated the sense to differ between all these. Mind it that every single word mentioned above is different from the other, quickly defining a carnival is yearly festival which prolongs for a week, includes, dancing, music and other fun time activities. People dressing up uniquely in weird outfits and makeovers. Moreover the root of a carnival equipment hire is from the Roman Catholic countries. Carnival known as Mardi Gras in the States. Carnival was a pagan festival, then a Catholic one, and today, it’s most an excuse to party. 

Dusseldorf/Cologne: a huge event of celebration in Germany the main two towns are very close to each other in the Rhineland, and they are one of Germany’s oldest Carnival celebrations, and definitely one of the biggest parties in Germany. Also, they are fierce rivals, so if one plan to go there, make sure one doesn’t pick a side. It’s Germany, so there’s a ton of beer if you are in Dusseldorf; make sure you do not miss out on the drag queen beauty contest. It is a sight one can never forget. 

Quebec City Winter Carnival: This is not a typical warm carnival. It’s in Canada in the winter and it’s absolutely freezing but it’s a super good time. The whole point is to enjoy the winter and to bring people outside. It takes place in Quebec which is beautiful and is world heritage site right on the Saint Lawrence River. They have these crazy ice canoe races. People supposedly go swimming in the river and there is a weird guy that everybody is totally crazy about. 

Barbados: this beautiful little island in the Caribbean is not to miss. In the Caribbean, many places celebrate carnival in the summer and they call it a crop over. This dates back to the times of slavery where it was celebrated after the sugar cane was harvested. One of the most fun and wild celebrations in the Caribbean, and it’s not to be missed also Baggins are beautiful  and dress in very skimpy clothing not to mention the freaky dance parties. 

Notting Hill Carnival in London: now actually London is not a place you expect to have a Carnival, but there is a huge Afro-Caribbean community that came, mostly from Jamaica back in the 60’s and they have a rocking party.  

There are so many other carnivals in the world which are worth mentioning. Festivals and carnivals are labeled as happy moments of lives. So next time one plans to visit a carnival go for one of the above mentioned.